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   What is data modelling?

Data modelling is the technique of computing the relationship between some input data and an outcome. The model produced is empirical (based on observations) rather than equations which describe a system. It is therefore a useful technique for very complex processes or where the equations relating cause and effect are unknown.

Advanced pattern recognition techniques are not the answer alone. The key to successful data modelling is being able to select the most appropriate technique to use and the right variables from your data - something which Execulence has significant experience in doing with many different kinds of data.

Techniques used include a variety of neural network implementations and advanced signal processing.

What are Neural Networks and what are their advantages?

A neural network is a machine learning technique which enables a computer to learn about data. The key advantage of neural network techniques over more traditional techniques is that a neural network operates much like a human brain in that it is able to generalise and cope with noisy data. An example of this is the way that a human can recognise words written by many different people even though the writing may be shaky, written on dirty paper or in different coloured inks. Additionally the person may not have seen that exact style of writing before and yet will still be able to recognise it. In the same way, a neural network is capable of coping with noise, can recognise underlying trends and patterns and can generalise to previously unseen data.

Classification or prediction?

Models can be developed for classification or prediction applications.

Classification models learn when the data represents a certain situation for example a medical system capable of interpreting clinical data and classifying the type of disease.

Prediction systems are capable of predicting what the outcome of certain data will be, such as a system capable of predicting how strong some steel will be given which chemical elements are put into it and how it is manufactured.

How can you use the model?

No matter whether you are looking to optimise your business or create a new product, Execulence can help you make best use of your data by providing you with bespoke models to optimise your product or service.

Models can be provided to you in the form of a stand-alone PC application or a module which can be integrated with your existing systems or products.

   Many different types of data can be modelled call us to find out more!



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