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   What is data mining?

Data mining and analysis is the process of establishing underlying trends and relationships in complex data in order to then generate knowledge with which to improve a product or service.

With significant expertise in data analysis, Execulence can carry out a feasibility study on your data in order to provide you with an insight into what benefits might be gained and then assist by developing a knowledge based tool specific to your needs.

How can data mining benefit your business?

Many real world data sets involve a wide variety of variables, some of which are known to affect a product or process and others which may not be so obvious. In most cases, particularly in the areas of medicine, industry or business, these variables can interact together in complex and non-linear ways making it difficult for more simplistic analysis techniques to reveal the true underlying relationships in your data.

Of course, techniques alone do not guarantee the development of successful knowledge based tools - a significant amount of skill and knowledge of correct application procedures is also required to provide high quality information from your data.

Example application areas include a supermarket wanting to establish the relationship between the sales of bread and other circumstantial data such as the date, time, weather and other products sold; or a medical business establishing which blood tests are best to use in order to establish the presence of certain diseases.

If you've got data about your business and want to get more from it then give us a call to find out how we can help.

   Many different types of data can be modelled call us to find out more!



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